Friday, December 14, 2012

Choose a Builder for Product or Service?

My friend, Tracy DeCarlo just posted an article describing one of the reasons many home construction projects go wrong. She hit one of the nails right on the head. Lack of specifications and an incomplete set of construction documents, expose the owner to potential change orders and expensive oversights. Omissions and inadequate allowances are typically the culprits when one builder's price is substantially less than another's. But there's another issue that often sets the stage to cautiously approach the selection of a home builder.

Most buyers choose a builder based on their product, not the service they provide. Few builders win awards for their service although many are recognized for award-winning designs. Some builders have a keen eye for details and aesthetics, but the reality is that most designs are the work of someone other than the builder. The point here is to focus first on the service provided by the builder, then consider the product. Do the skills and processes demonstrated by the builder indicate that they can manage the project efficiently without surprise and extra cost? Ask your builder about the procedural systems they use for managing their projects.

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